Change the future of healthcare with us

We change reactivity into proactivity. We provide our doctors with the time and technology they need to properly care for their patient’s health.

We have one common goal:
a better tomorrow

We are building a modern healthcare system from the ground up. We write our own software, which gives our doctors superpowers. We create new treatment plans.

Effective team work

Our medical team consists of doctors, nurses and medical assistants who work together, support each other and eagerly share their knowledge on a daily basis. We are aware that we can do very good things on our own, but we achieve even better results when we do them together.

You can really feel the sincere commitment to the job and its effects among the medical team. In addition, the reduced burden of documentation, its collection and cataloging is definitely a distinguishing feature from other places where I have worked.

Adam Gałczyński

general practitioner

We grow in the process of learning

The problems we are most fascinated with, are often out of our reach just yet. This provides us with the motivation to constantly improve, learn and question our beliefs. Thanks to that, people who join us have unlimited opportunities for personal development.

Working at Jutro Medical is an opportunity to be around inspiring people. I can always count on the support of doctors and a new dose of knowledge from our Head of Medical. Our clinic combines a modern look and new technologies.

Bartosz Rolek

medical assistant

Continuous progress and teamwork

There are no solutions to the problems we want to solve. Every day we must give answers to questions that have not been asked before. To make real progress we hire people who are constantly looking for better solutions and they don’t stop even when something seems impossible.

A nurse at Jutro Medical works with wonderful people who share common ideals - the good of the patient and taking care of his health before problems arise. Our clinics allow you to work in the health care we want and which is based on modern technologies.

Gilbert Kolbe


What makes us different?

We have a prospective outlook on the patient. Using the latest technologies, we support the work of our medical team.

Lower burden of documentation, its collection and cataloging

A comitted team that is eager to share the knowledge

An original system created in collaboration with doctors

All records in one place, in the patient's profile account

What can you expect?

  • General Practitioner:

    • 3 patients per hour during the in-patient visit
    • Possibility of working remotely part time
    • The administrative work done by medical assistants
    • Constant access to lawyers who provide support in every situation
    • Patients are scheduled for specific hours, so there are no queues in front of the office
  • Nurse:

    • Dedicated equipment for each nurse
    • Experienced team with various specializations
    • Possibility to participate in prophylaxis campaigns
    • A well-coordinated medical team, in which everyone is equally important
    • Direct cooperation with doctors
  • Medical Assistant:

    • Practical experience
    • Contact with the patients
    • Close cooperation with the doctors
    • Possibility to work and study
    • Co-creation and authorization of content related to health prophylaxis on social media

Our vision:

We're building a world where diseases are treated before they become dangerous to the health of the patients.

Our mission:

To make proactive healthcare available to everyone by equipping doctors with time and technology they need.

6 reasons to join Jutro Medical

    • The highest
      clinic standard

    • Development

    • A modern system
      for customer service

    • Innovative medical

    • Flexible

    • Remote

Job offers

Change the future of healthcare with us


Koordynator przychodni – Poznań

Jutro Medical – Przychodnia POZ, ul. Świętego Leonarda 4, 60-654 Poznań

Koordynator przychodni – Warszawa

Warsaw / Powązkowska 44 street

Lekarz POZ – Łódź

Jutro Medical - Przychodnia POZ, ul. Żeligowskiego 46, Łódź 90-644

Lekarz POZ – Poznań

Jutro Medical – Przychodnia POZ, ul. Świętego Leonarda 4, 60-654 Poznań

Lekarz POZ – Warszawa

Warsaw / Powązkowska 44 street

Lekarz POZ – Wrocław

Jutro Medical - Przychodnia POZ, ul. Pułaskiego 42G, Wrocław 50-443

Lekarz POZ z językiem ukraińskim

Warsaw / Powązkowska 44 street

Pielęgniarka / Pielęgniarz POZ - Poznań

Jutro Medical – Przychodnia POZ, ul. Świętego Leonarda 4, 60-654 Poznań

Pielęgniarka / Pielęgniarz POZ – Warszawa

Jutro Medical - Przychodnia POZ, ul. Bagno 2, Warszawa 00-112

Rejestratorka medyczna / Rejestrator medyczny – Białystok

Jutro Medical – Przychodnia POZ, ul. Łąkowa 9, 15-017 Białystok

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