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Top-quality medical care, comfort and interest - you'll find all this and much more at our Jutro Medical clinics. From the first contact, a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere awaits you. We provide primary health care services under contract with the National Health Fund. We provide an individual approach to the patient, and you can come to us with the smallest problem that worries you. In the clinic you will find help from the best qualified medics, and it is there that the attending physician will establish with you the best treatment process for you. If necessary, he will also issue a referral to another specialist.

What services does the primary healthcare offer?

At our clinic, you will not only conveniently make an appointment over the phone, receive an e-prescription, e-sick note and check test results on the app. As primary health care, we also provide:

  • health services,
  • preventive,
  • diagnostic,
  • therapeutic,
  • rehabilitation,
  • nursing.

All this in the field of general medicine, family medicine, internal diseases and pediatrics, which are provided as part of outpatient health care. Among other things, you'll get all the necessary blood tests done at our clinic, get your heart rhythm tested with an EKG, and get vaccinated against specific diseases.

Do you want to become our patient?

There is nothing easier than that! All you need to do is download our app and create an account or use the online registration on our website. Registration is smooth, and you can sign the declaration using ePUAP and Trusted Profile.

How to use the services of Jutro Medical in Poznan?

To make an appointment download the app or register online and make an appointment. Current addresses are available in the Jutro Medical app and on our website. You can find our location in Poznan at Św. Leonarda 4 Street.

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  • Frequently asked questions

    • What does Jutro Medical offer?

      Jutro Medical combines the highest quality of customer service and an effective use of technology to provide patients with a high quality service within the National Health Fund insurance suited to your specific needs. As primary care physicians, at jutro Medical we take your well-being very seriously. Focusing on family medicine and internal medicine, we take care of all your primary medical needs, such as:

      • prioritising prophylaxis and well-being
      • coopearation with you to create the best treatment plan suited to your specific needs and goals
      • providing a safe and thorough medical data base for all your medical information
      • a problem-free coordination of medical care including tests, appointments with specialists and hospitalization
      • offering cost-effective options which allow you to set priorities concerning your health

      We are drawing on rich experience of our team and your personal opinions to create a unique Primary Healthcare experience. We have the tools to help you feel your best - regardless of whether you are in perfect health, you are suffering from a cold or whether you are facing a life-changing disease. Our primary care physicians are here to help you stay in best health for as long as possible.

    • Is Jutro Medical a private facility?

      No. Jutro Medical is a Primary Health Care clinic, financed by the National Health Fund, also available in the form of a mobile application. Using our services is synonymous to unsubscribing from your previous health care clinic.

    • How to register in the app?

      You can create your account and file the declaration immediately after installing the application. When creating an account, it is necessary to provide your own phone number, e-mail address and accept the Terms and Conditions of Jutro Medical. Then, your phone number will be verified by entering the code you will receive via SMS. 

      If you manage to successfully create an account in our application, you can proceed to the submission of the declaration! You can submit the declaration in person at the Jutro Medical clinic or remotely via ePUAP, so you don't even have to leave your home!

    • Is making an appointment free of charge?

      Yes. The services we offer are all covered by the National Health Fund, so they are free of charge. At Jutro Medical you can consult your problem and receive an e-prescription for free.

    • How can I make an appointment for an online consultation?

      Go to the “Consultations” tab and click “Make an appointment”. Pick the time of the appointment and… That's it!

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Jutro Medical is a medical entity listed in the national registry.

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