Keep a healthy relationship with sugar.

Sugar is a... complex problem. Let us help you maintain its proper levels. Join us and receive a free package of diagnostics tests and a personalized healthcare plan. With Jutro Medical your diabetes treatment and prevention is fully under control.
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"My lifestyle is not conducive to taking care of my health. Now I feel that a specialist is watching over my well-being"


Patient of Jutro Medical
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"I was heartbroken. However, it is possible to live with diabetes. All you have to do is follow the recommendations of specialists"


Patient of Jutro Medical

We continuously support you in your path to better health

First, we collect a thorough medical history, based on which we create a unique action plan for you. Then we continuously support you with its implementation - our medical assistant (your health coach) will remind you about measurements, prescription renewals or test referrals.

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We make it easy for you to contact your doctor

Need a consultation with a doctor? With our free app, you can quickly and hassle-free make a telemedicine or in-patient appointment the same day! In our app you will also find your entire treatment history: prescriptions, referrals, test results and much, much more.

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Don't wait. Get examined for free today 

By joining us, you'll receive a free package of diagnostic tests which you'll have performed in the treatment room of one of our clinics. No queues, no stress, no worries. Because at Jutro Medical we take your well-being seriously.

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The numbers we have to deal with: 

Discover the scale of the issue. However, we can change our tomorrow for the better.



Observe the symptoms and stay ahead of the diagnosis.

90% of all cases involve preventable type II diabetes.

Awareness is the 1st step to a better tomorrow.

At least 3 million Poles have diabetes and unfortunately one in three of them is unaware of it. 

*Data according to


The curve is still rising. However, we can stop it.

The number of diabetics worldwide is estimated to rise to 592 million by 2035.

*Data according to the National Health Fund.

Discover the bittersweet truth about diabetes. 

Type I and type II diabetes are manifested by many inconspicuous symptoms. Read the article prepared by our medical team: diabetes - symptoms, causes and treatments.

  • Frequent urination

  • Extreme hunger and excessive thirst

  • Fatigue and exhaustion

  • Genitourinary tract infections

  • Recurrent skin infections

  • Gaining weight

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Only 3 steps separate you from a better tomorrow.

It's easy! It only takes a few clicks to become our patient.

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    Register on our website

    Click on the "Sign up" button on our site, and then select the "Consultation" option.

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    Choose an appointment date

    Select the "stationary" visit option, then select your preferred facility and time.

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    Get comprehensive healthcare!

    Download the app, create an account and receive a package of tests and a personalized health plan.

Find out what health care of the future looks like

We take your well-being seriously. We will not only help you manage your medical problems, but also equip you with the knowledge and advice you need to make positive changes for your health.
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